Transformative Technologies Will Affect Us All (Because They Always Have)


What I learned at the TransTech conference further convinced me of what I already intuitively know: transformative technologies have the power to be a huge gamechanger (and money maker!). While technology can’t solve everything, I’m a great supporter of incorporating the full spectrum of both old (think meditation and yoga) and new (think biometric sensors and data visualization) technologies to connect us more with ourselves, others and the planet.

Most of us are running pretty buggy operating systems that are preventing us from engaging with the world as fully as we could. Our relationships are not as deep or authentic as they could be, and we are grasping for anything that makes us feel more whole, if even for a moment. But what if we could use new technologies to help hone your minds and bodies so they’re as smooth running as they could be? What will we be capable of once we let the pain, fear, stress, anxiety and other limiting emotions fall away. At the very least, wouldn’t that just feel great? But even more profoundly, what does it look like when we unleash our full creative abilities into the world and reach towards our full potential?

Look at how we treat ourselves, others and the planet. Sure there’s some brightness out there, but overall I know we can do better than this. Deeper connection is what our species needs to heal itself …and that begins by healing ourselves first <3

Interested in learning more about the field? Check out this TechCrunch article…

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