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Do you want to learn how to use generative AI to help boost sales, increase efficiency & spark creativity?

I work with clients to map out their tech stech to define inefficiencies, and then incorporate cutting edge tools, advanced automations, and customized chatbot assistants, for both internal and customer-facing applications. I train clients how to leverage existing apps as well as custom AI workflows. 

Besides having a solid grasp of the AI landscape, I have 20+ years of experience in: Brand Strategy, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Product Design & Event Production.

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Let’s get technology to work for YOU and not the other way around!

Every Tuesday, I share updates from the world of generative AI, as well as teaching practical workflows to streamline businesses processes… and create more time for the things you really care about!

AI Courses

Develop a program idea, validate it, and get paid before producing all the content.

Save time, spark creativity, grow your business…all on a shoestring budget!

Go from a loose idea to a full book, published on Amazon, in under 30 days.


Build an AI Assistant for Your Business

Create a AI assistant: save time, spark creativity, grow your business…all on a shoestring budget!

Designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing pros, and any business entity with limited time and budget, AI for Brands & Businesses introduces you to custom GPTS, the latest ChatGPT development, to enhance business processes.

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