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Consulting Offerings

My core philosophy is to help get technology to work for YOU, not the other way around. Let’s explore your goals (and obstacles!) and figure out how to streamline your creativity & productivity. 

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General Consulting

I help professionals of all types to get a grasp on generative AI, wrangle their tech stack, manage all their digital marketing, optimize their workflows and generally be more effective, so they can focus on their careers & business, and not feel bogged down by endless minutiae.

Executive & Team Coaching

I work with overwhelmed executives and their teams, as well as entrepreneurs from multiple industries, to optimize their workflows and be more effective, so they can reclaim space in their lives for the things that really matter.


Coaches & Course Instructors

From “Logo to Launch” I help coaches and course creators to hone their offerings, build their online platform, grow their audience, optimize their digital marketing, and validate their offering before they do all the work. This allowing them to focus on sharing their gifts, instead of trying to navigate unfamiliar technology.

Thought Leaders

Do you have a specific expertise in a niche arena and want to turn your knowledge into a valuable framework that you can share with the world? Whether it’s teaching workshops or getting stage time let me help you create a clear strategy for bringing in new leads and generating more profit potential.

Non-Fiction Writers

I help aspiring writers get the book idea out of their heads and on to the page. I’ve written multiple books for myself and clients, an help people turn their dream into reality. There’s never been a better time to get that book writing dream started!

Questions? Get in Touch!

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