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General Consulting

Let’s get technology to work for YOU, not the other way around.

I help professionals of all types to get a grasp on generative AI, wrangle their tech stack, manage all their digital marketing, optimize their workflows and generally be more effective, so they can focus on their careers & business, and not feel bogged down by endless minutiae.

How I can help

I offer 1-on-1, hour long consulting call on the following topics:

  • Business Audit of Tool Stack & Processes
  • AI Prompts, Automations, Chat Assistants & Workflow Streamlining
  • General Technology Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Branding & Web Design, Digital Marketing
  • Memberships and Other Payment Platforms
  • Event Strategy & Production

NOTE: I also provide an option with a follow-up report that includes meeting summary notes, helpful tools and links, action steps, and recommended solutions. This is particularly beneficial if you want to consider implementing the strategies on your own. If applicable, I can also include a project proposal and outline phased next steps.

Have questions? Send me a message.

What's the strategy?

After we kick off with a one hour deep dive session we’ll understand where you are at and where you want to get to. 

A customized approach

Once we know where you want to go, we can begin to build the roadmap to get there!

For some clients a single meeting might be all they need to move in the right direction. In other cases scheduling regular consulting sessions, or even a creating a full project proposal might be the way to go.

Regardless of how we proceed, my goal is to equip my clients with the knowledge, tools and solutions they need to boost their creativity, productivity, and ultimately grow their business and careers.

Who am I?

For over 20 years I’ve been a brand, design & digital marketing consultant for awesome companies, thought leaders and game-changing entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with dozens of small companies, early stage startups, and content creators to help them refine, package and promote their unique offerings.

I shine in helping people with great ideas refine their stories and communicate them in a concise and engaging way, creating a valuable experience for your audience and a profitable outcome for you.

These days much of my work includes helping small businesses incorporate AI & automations into their processes & workflows. I teach them to use the latest technology to boost their efficiency & creativity.

Questions? Send me a message.

What is the next step?

Let’s hop on a one hour call. You can also choose to have me produce a follow up report, in which case I provide summary notes, action steps, marketing ideas & resources, recommended solutions & a phased proposal for next steps. 

Whether you choose to engage my services OR just thank me and be on your way, you’ll be armed with a roadmap to success. I will meet you wherever you’re at and am I’m happy to guide you all the way from “logo to launch”, and beyond!


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