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For entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to harness AI but don't know where to start, this course will teach you how to build an AI assistant for your business by learning ChatGPT's latest, easy-to-use Custom GPT feature.

Here's an example of the one I use for my business!

Detailed Use Case Videos

Market Research & Analysis (19 mins)

Product & Service Brainstorming & Development (17 mins)

Copywriting & Content Marketing (25 mins)

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Who's This For?

Designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing pros, and any business entity with limited time and budget, The Build an AI Assistant for Your Business​ course teaches you how to build your own “BrandBot” to streamline numerous business processes. This course is your path to:

  • Explore Your Market: Run competitor analysis, refine your target audience and consider untapped niches to serve.
  • Brainstorm New Offerings: Uncover new product and service ideas and in a fun, interactive way, and easily flesh them out for consideration.
  • Streamline Content Creation: Generate content such as social media posts, articles, and full marketing campaigns effortlessly.
  • …And MORE! Create engaging sales pages, outlines for videos, podcasts, presentations, and even define custom prompts for your business.

The course is made up of 3 core, one-hour  modules, plus a 4th bonus module. You’ll have a working AI assistant in no time!

Train your own assistant with shortcuts and custom instructions.

How It Works.

In an era where AI is transforming the world, the need for integrating AI into your business is more crucial than ever. The Build an AI Assistant for Your Business course is an introduction to harnessing the power of AI for your organization. In this short, easy to follow course you’ll create a personalized AI assistant that mirrors your brand’s unique identity and deeply understands your target audience, mission, and offerings. 

Your completely unique assistant will be a flexible tool that revolutionizes your approach to content creation, sales pages, and even helps brainstorm new offerings such as trainings, courses, and other services. 


  1. Learn the basics of GPT technology and its applications for fun, business and even get paid by OpenAI and their new “GPT STORE”!
  2. Understand how to build and train new AI assistant with your brand’s specific data and tone.
  1. Step-by-step guidance on developing your AI assistant.
  2. Hands-on exercises to integrate your brand’s unique voice and information.
  1. Techniques to harness AI for business research and to generate new ideas and offerings.
  2. Strategies to deploy your assistant for internal tasks such as content creation and marketing campaigns.

Additional tips and tools that are useful for business including my favorite Custom GPTs, prompt best practices, image and video creators, audio dubbing with avatars, and AI website builders!


Multiple Options

DIY Video Course

Pre-Recorded Videos
$ 197
  • 3 Pre-Recorded Modules
  • Bonus AI Tools Module
  • Content available starting Jan 23rd, 2024.

1 Week Cohort

Live Sessions + Videos
$ 397
  • 3 Hours  of LIVE Zooms
  • 1 Hour Bonus Tools Zoom
  • Noon-1pm (PT): 1/22 - 1/24 - 1/26 & 1/29, 2024


I'll Do the Work!
$ 997
  • 2-3 One Hour Meetings
  • Custom Prompts & Features
  • Use Case Training Upon Delivery
NOTE: After the course and depending on interest I would be open to a continued regular meet up to continue to refine our BrandBots!

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What You'll Gain

Like most people, you’re busy, overwhelmed by new tools, and might be unsure where to even start. This course is your answer to not being left behind in the technological race. Enhance your efficiency and effectiveness while staying relevant in the advancing tech world. Here’s what you’ll gain:

A tireless assistant that knows your brand and is ready to go 24/7, allowing you to focus on core business activities and creative endeavors.

A budget-friendly assistant, especially important for bootstrapping entrepreneurs and small teams, to maximize their resources.

A detailed oriented assistant that simplifies repetitive tasks, reducing manual workload and increasing productivity.

An inspiring assistant which boosts creativity in content creation, marketing strategies, and product development.

An artful assistant that helps in refining and promoting your brand effectively.

A wise assistant that offers the latest insights and techniques into generative AI to stay competitive.

A forward facing assistant that can grow with your business, accommodating increasing demands and functionality.


This isn’t a course about discovering your calling or life purpose. It’s a course for existing professionals who want to trim excess time off their workflows so they can spend more time on larger goals.

  • Familiarity with Your Own Brand Identity: Knowledge of your brand’s mission, values, and tone is crucial, as the assistant will need to be trained to accurately reflect your brand.
  • Clarity of Your Offerings: You should have a clear idea of the offerings you want to train the assistant on, enabling it to infuse your products and services into content accordingly.
  • Content Needs and Marketing Strategies: You need an idea of how you want to use the assistant for your business, such as for content creation, sales pages, or customer service.
  • Basic Tech Savviness: If you can work your smartphone and have a willingness to explore a simple digital tool, you can do it! There’s no code to write, you’ll just need to follow some videos and copy/paste some info from simple text files.
  • Openness to Learning and Experimentation: You should be willing to learn, experiment, and iterate as you integrate the assistant into your business processes.

The only other required cost to take this course AND to continue using your chatbot assistant is a $20/mo ChatGPT Plus subscription. If you want to join the course but don’t have ChatGPT Plus you can sign up HERE. NOTE: Even if you’re on the waiting list you can still learn how to build and use the tool while you wait for full access.

  • Is this going to be too complicated?: You might find AI and chatbot technology daunting, but it’s a common misconception that extensive technical expertise is required. These tools are designed to be user-friendly, and you’ll be guided through understanding and using them effectively.
  • Do I have the time for this? As a bootstrapping entrepreneur or a member of a small team, you may worry about the time needed to learn and implement these tools. However, they are designed to be efficient and can integrate seamlessly into your existing operations, enhancing rather than hindering your business.
  • Will this be worth the money? Time is money. Leveraging AI will multiple your productivity, reclaiming hours in your work week to focus more time on generating revenue. Even if your assistant chatbot saves you an hour of week, it quickly pays for itself. I use mine almost every day!
  • Will this really align with my brand? If you’re apprehensive about whether an AI chatbot can accurately represent your brand’s voice and values, know that these tools are highly customizable. You’ll learn how to maintain a personalized customer experience that aligns with your brand identity.
  • Will my data be private & secure? With your increasing awareness about data security, concerns about using AI tools and handling sensitive customer information are valid. The course will address these concerns, ensuring you understand how to manage data privacy and security effectively.
  • I’m already feeling overwhelmed with AI! If you’re already using a suite of tools and platforms, the thought of integrating another tool might seem overwhelming. This course will show you how AI chatbots can complement and enhance your existing tools, making your workflow more efficient rather than more complicated.
  • Is AI really going to be that effective? Some may doubt the effectiveness of AI in creative tasks, fearing a lack of authenticity or originality. This course will demonstrate how AI can be a powerful aid in creativity, producing authentic and original content.
  • I’m still feeling resistant to change! If you’re resistant to change and new technologies, especially if you’re accustomed to traditional methods, this course will help ease the transition. You’ll see how AI and chatbots can enhance, not replace, your current methods, bringing a new dimension to your marketing and content creation.

Who am I?

For over 20 years I’ve been a brand, design & digital marketing consultant for awesome companies, thought leaders and game-changing entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with dozens of small companies, early stage startups, and content creators to help them refine, package and promote their unique offerings. 

These days much of my work includes helping small businesses incorporate AI & automations into their processes & workflows. I teach them to use the latest technology to boost their efficiency & creativity.

Questions? Shoot me a message.

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