Announcing”Migratory Animal: A Life In Transit” (Working Title)

Hello, dear friends!

I’m back on the road, this time in Stealthy, my new adventure vehicle! Stealthy and I are on a 6 month road trip back to the West Coast with the goal to explore the southlands, adventure into nature, improve fitness of my mind & body, find a full-time remote job, rediscover my inner optimistic spark, regain hope in humanity… and write a book about the whole damn thing OF COURSE!

So far I have travelled up through Florida and west across the panhandle while staying at Airbnbs and working remotely along the way. NEXT STOP? New Orleans!

Do you have amazing places, interesting people, or quirky things I should know about along my route? Respond to this email and let me know!

The loose plan is to get to my storage unit in Southern Oregon by autumn and either:

  1. Pick up the rest of stuff and move somewhere
  2. Drop my stuff off and go international
  3. Drive right on by it and just keep rolling along!

…So YES, as you can tell it’s an emergent story, and we’ll just see what happens 🙂 If you’re on this list I’ll keep you updated sporadically and of course you can follow me on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK.

Best regards from the strange lands of Panama City Beach, FL,


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