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My New Book “Free to Roam!” is ON SALE!

I finished my AI assisted book, and just published it under my alter ego, Dougie Lux. It was a fascinating 30-day / 100-hour process which you can read about below. 

In the meantime, whether you’re a remote worker or not, please consider supporting the project—and witnessing what is possible in today’s exciting creative world!

PRESENTING: “Free to Roam! A Digital Nomad’s Guide for the Post-COVID Remote Worker”

  1. Purchase Options range from $9.99 – $499.99 (the latter includes instructing you to write and publish your own non-fiction book in 30 days).
  2. Or simply jump directly to the Amazon paperback or Kindle eBook purchase pages.

It’s been a joy to be in Colorado, and now that the book project is complete I’m going to take advantage of the spectacular springtime weather!

Best regards from the open road,


PS: I’ve started teaching friends and clients how to use ChatGPT to boost their creativity and productivity. If you’re interested in learning more —or in general need any web design or digital marketing support— then feel free to book a consulting call.

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