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What I Do

My core philosophy is to help get technology to work for YOU, not the other way around. Questions? Get in touch.

AI Automations

Businesses that adopt AI will replace those that don’t. I believe in slicing through bulky workflows and inefficient communications with bespoke AI solutions that are crafted to give your business the edge it needs to thrive. 

First we explore your tech stack, then looks for pain points and opportunities, and then implement and train you on tools as necessary. Book a call and we’ll help you sharpen your competitive edge with AI.

Branding & Web Design

Strong brands start with engaging stories. I use the storybrand framework to develop copywriting for print & digital assets. I also develop logos and full brand identity packages, including business cards, letterheads & slides. 

Successful web design is not one-size-fits-all. I work with multiple platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, and WordPress to deliver easy-to-use, appropriate solutions. I am also familiar with advanced features such as membership, e-commerce, bookings, course creation and more.

Digital Marketing

Once your brand is looking good, it’s time to generate leads! I design, launch & provide analysis of digital marketing campaigns. This allows me to analyze results and recommend where to assign budget for the best ROI for my clients.

When technology works for YOU, and not the other way around, it’s a beautiful thing. I either already know, or can easily learn almost any system that benefits my clients’ goals.

Product Design

I am experienced in the full journey from research & persona building, through iterations of low and high resolution wireframing,  all the way through to functional prototypes that help secure start up funding, or allow direct collaboration with developers while building a fully realized product.

20 years after graduating from the RISD industrial design department, I enjoyed brushing up on the world of product design, this time in its digital form. 

Event Production

Since 2007, I’ve produced almost 200 online & in person events including conferences, festivals, business networking gatherings and VIP dinner parties. 

MCing events is something that comes naturally to me and I have extensive experience with public speaking & presentation development. Events are just another marketing touchpoint, and I’m happy to share this knowledge with my consulting clients.

Project Walkthroughs

Pictures are worth a thousand words—well in this case videos are! Here are a selection of videos that highlight recent client work as well as a few product design case studies.

You can explore more of my work below and download my resume HERE.

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