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What is Experience Design?

When I create events & other experiences for my clients I begin at the end by asking a question: What EFFECT do you want to have?

This question helps me design experiences that achieve client’s goals as well as developing the proper metrics to measure our success. If you’d like to talk to me about how I can help you blow some people’s minds, get in touch.



“Where Ideas and Mischief Mingle”
With 150 unique events since 2007, MindshareLA is a mecca for Angeleno entrepreneurs, designers, technologists, and other creative, forward-thinking characters seeking inspiration and connection. Over the years MindshareLA has gathered thousands of Angelenos for events filled with inspiration and interaction.

UCLA’s Physical Sciences

From Whence We Came… UCLA’s Physical Sciences Dept approached my events company, MindshareLA, to co-create a media worthy event. After determining what they hoped to get out of the experience we designed an event based around a series of goals. The final event “From Whence We Came” featured talks, musical acts and colorful performers. And most importantly we were able to show success in achieving the original goals. See the full report here… (2mb)

Cross Campus

I consulted with Cross Campus, a prominent LA coworking chain, for a full year as Experience Director. I reported directly to the CEO on team culture and member experience. I also oversaw the launch of its second location in Pasadena (including hiring and managing the staff & service crew) as well as providing input on the architecture & floorplan designs for their third location in downtown Los Angeles. Read more here…

The City of Pasadena

I worked with The City of Pasadena, in association with Pasadena Magazine, IdeaLab and a variety of other local organizations to help create the inaugural “Innovation Summit Pasadena” featuring a full day of inspiring talks, interactive art, unique musical acts and other special surprises. Read more about the event here…

UCLA Architecture & Urban Design

For UCLA’s “Extreme Ideas” I was hired but UCLA’s Architecture & Urban Design department, which was made possible through a sizable sponsorship from the Getty Foundation. Together with my team, we produced a series of large events that lead up to a final huge celebration that took place in one of the historic Howard Hughes aircraft hangers. The event featured over twenty presenters, interactive art, robots, stage performances and more. Read more about the event here…

Google Los Angeles

Google Los Angeles asked me to source talent for their unveiling of Google Glass to a room of VIPs, lead engineers and developers. We brought in a performance by a musician / technologist combo, projecting their interactive visuals on what else but glass!

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