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Coaches & Course Creators

Clarify, Share and Profit from Your Genius

From “Logo to Launch” I help coaches and course creators to hone their offerings, build their online platform, grow their audience, optimize their digital marketing, and validate their offering before they do all the work. This allowing them to focus on sharing their gifts, instead of trying to navigate unfamiliar technology.

How I can help

I offer 1-on-1, hour long consulting call in which we’ll discuss:

  • What your larger professional goals are.
  • The current status of your business.
  • Who your target audience is.
  • Steps you’ll need to consider to build your platform and content.
  • How to develop your program idea, validate it, and get paid before producing all the content!

NOTE: I also provide an option with a follow-up report that includes meeting summary notes, helpful tools and links, action steps, and recommended solutions. This is particularly beneficial if you want to consider implementing the strategies on your own. If applicable, I can include a project proposal and outline phased next steps.

Have questions? Send me a message.

Who is this for?

Do you have a great idea but aren’t sure how to refine, produce, or profit from it? I will help you clarify your target audience, communicate your solution, convey your experience, and create an awesome offering to share with the world.

What's the strategy?

First we’ll start with a one hour deep dive session to understand where you are currently at with your goals, and define where you want to get to. 

A "logo to launch" approach

Once we know where you’re going we can begin to build the roadmap to get there. For example, in the video above I worked on Jim’s logo, branding, copywriting, full web platform with coaching and membership features, online payments, landing pages, lead magnets, email automations and newsletters.

Beyond just Jim’s web platform, I helped outline a strategic marketing strategy which helps him attract leads and turn them into paying customers. And best of all, I taught him how to manage the whole system himself—but of course I’m still here to help!

Who am I?

For over 20 years I’ve been a brand, design & digital marketing consultant for awesome thought leaders and game-changing entrepreneurs. 

I shine in helping people with great ideas refine their stories and communicate them in a concise and engaging way, creating valuable experiences for their audience and profitable outcomes for my clients.

And I eat my own cooking! I have launched multiple successful courses personally, and I’m happy to help you do the same.

Questions? Send me a message.

What is the next step?

Let’s hop on a one hour call. You can also choose to have me produce a follow up report, in which case I provide summary notes, action steps, marketing ideas & resources, and recommended solutions. If applicable, I can include a project or ongoing consulting proposal with phased steps.

Whether you choose to engage my services OR just thank me and be on your way, you’ll be armed with a roadmap to success. I will meet you wherever you’re at and am I’m happy to guide you all the way from “logo to launch”, and beyond!


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