Digital Marketing Strategy

I'm Chief Yeti at Rogue Media Group.

Rogue Media is a lightning fast, digital design agency. From logos to logins, we’ve got you covered, especially when it comes to crafting clear, easy-to-navigate, and simple-to-update websites that leave your customers happy and grow your business. Interested? Get in touch, or check out our services deck here.


Planet Events

Planet Events is a world renowned experience design & production agency. They hired me to design a clean, easy-to-navigate site that really allowed their awesome imagery to POP, helping them to continue growing their world class clientele.

"Douglas was truly a pleasure to work with! Their creative insight, strong skillset and great attitude enabled them to fine-tune every detail and fulfill my vision. THANK YOU!!"


LA Chessboxing is a fantastic organization that supports charitable causes with their “brain meets brawn” competitive matches. Checkmate OR knockout… whatever comes first! They hired Rogue to help them relaunch their brand, and together we came up with a fun, colorful website, as well as a mailing list and social media strategy. 

"Working with Douglas and the Rogue team is always easy, quick and most importantly, creative. We love what they made for our relaunch. Thank you for the fastidious thoughtfulness!"

Sissy St. John

Sissy is a world renowned yoga instructor and health coach who hired Rogue Media to help her launch her new online class program and aromatherapy ecommerce site. She wanted a clean, relaxing design to reflect her teaching style, so that’s exactly what we created for her.

"My website was stuck in the early part of the millennium... and Rogue flew in and saved the day like a lighting bolt — their upgrade helped me land my biggest client to date. DIGITAL ROCKSTARS!"