Goodbye 14 Day Juice Fast… Hello Fermentation Workshop!


So I broke my two week juice fast with a full day fermentation workshop and it was A-MAY-ZING! I learned lots of tricks for how to make tasty kefir, creamy cheeses, whey products, multiple flavors of kombucha and tons of sauerkraut and kimchi varietals. We got to sample all the goods and my gut flora is psyched about the fresh infusion of live, healthy bacterias!

Taking care of the microbiota in our intestines affects everything from our mood and energy level as well as helping us get more nutrients from your food and keeping our bodies in good working condition! So make sure to dose on your probiotics frequently! Feeling good to be back to solid food… I definitely had some intense moments of clarity and introspection on this fast, more than any other that I’ve done before. No doubt the context and lack of distraction helped me go deep! Sheesh. I’m a little bit raw… No pun intended! Well, let the healing of mind and body continue 🙂


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