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Clarify, Package & PROFIT From Your Awesome Idea!

** The ITAP costs $199 for an initial deep dive session & follow up report. From there you can take it and run with it, or I can continue to guide you along the way. Subsequent hourly sessions are $99/hr. Have questions? Send me a message. **

Who is this for?

Do you have an awesome idea but you’re not sure where to begin? Are you tired of watching time pass you AND your idea by? I created the Idea To Action Plan (ITAP) for people that have a great concept for a business, service, course, product …but have no idea what the next step is—or even how to start in the first place!

What's the strategy?

The ITAP starts with a one hour deep dive session during which we run through a strategic set of questions. After the session I create a follow up report with summary notes, action steps, marketing ideas & resources, recommended solutions & a phased proposal for next steps.

This report is useful whether you choose jump into next steps yourself OR choose to engage me for additional branding, web design, digital marketing or prototyping services.

Who am I?

I’m a brand, design & digital marketing consultant for awesome companies and game-changing entrepreneurs. Over the years I’ve worked with dozens of new companies, early stage startups, and content creators to help them refine, package and sell their unique offerings.

I shine in helping people with great ideas tell their stories in a concise and engaging way.

What is the next step?

It all starts with booking an ITAP deep dive session. After the session I generate a follow up report as outlined above. Then you can choose to engage me for additional one-on-one calls, “do it for me” services, OR just thank me and be on your way, armed with the information you need to succeed.

I will meet you wherever you’re at and am happy to guide you all the way from “logo to launch”!


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