The SF Posse: Brain Scanning, Lamb Slaughter, Slide Luck and Sushi


Every time I visit the Langton Labs crew it’s a fun surprise. After regaling them with recent tales from the road, they invariably retort with awesome stories of their own. This month’s installment included the home made brain scanning technology of Andreas Stadler. But of course this digital mastery had to be augmented by some old school activities: Agil and crew had recently slaughtered a lamb and Hannah was now proudly tanning the hide in the storage room


Of course, with Burning man approaching, it was time to start discussing the reality of creating a Burning man village with False Profit and Relaxomatic Plushatorium. Luckily, Mat Heitel of the Phage did a good job of drawing up a plan:


Kayton, Jane et al would soon be completing their wilderness first response trainging and in light of all the recent adventures, I called for a ‘Slide Luck’ at Langton: Me and South America, Peretz: Off Silk Roadin’, Galit: Antarctic adventures and Hanna’s trip to Libya. What a nice compliment to ‘make your own sushi creation’ night!


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