When a Simple Visit to a Temple Gets Deep!

When a simple Sunday adventure to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, a beautiful hillside temple just outside of Chiang Mai, gets deep! As I was descending the hundreds of steps a question formed in my mind: How can I best be of service to the world, while still remaining in service to myself? I added the latter part as it was often something I neglected to do in the past. Further consideration (during an amazing Thai massage with soul sibling Roxanne Ruby smile emoticon led me to another, possibly more focused way of asking this question: How might I best use my time, energy and unique skills to most effectively expand consciousness for myself and my species?

I know, it’s a big question and before you get too excited I’ll admit that don’t have the answer. Yet. But this trip has led me to ask it, so there it is. I’ve had the privilege to realize that a life of pursuing mere pleasure gets old rather quickly, besides also being tiring, expensive and ultimately unfulfilling. A life of pursuing accumulation money as the end goal would leave me feeling equally empty. Which leaves me with the theory that the most fulfilling and meaningful existence is one spent in service to others while also remaining in service to yourself.

So where do I go from here? Well, if the past is any indication it will likely be in a community-centric arena smile emoticon I’ve been pretty sure from the last decade that it has something to do with media, which may include producing events, creating content or designing apps and services of a conscious nature. Beyond any temporary and consumable offerings I also highly value hands-on experience creation, which could mean promoting eco-tourism, intentional community building and permaculture education. I’m taking my time to let my thoughts simmer and am obviously still very much in observation & research mode so I’m very open to any thoughts, suggestions and connections!

In the meantime, this week I’m exploring conscious communities and permaculture places in Northern Thailand and am already so impressed at what I’ve found. Take a look at the video of this little gem of a community smile emoticonSo fun and inspiring! If you’re interested you can read more on Pun Pun here: http://www.punpunthailand.org

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