Bark Beetles are Causing Mayhem!


I surprised my mom for mother’s day and she was so happy. She’s a colourful character and sometimes a little hard to swallow some of her Trumpisms but I know she loves me and just wants me to be safe, happy and creatively fulfilled. I’m glad to be healing our relationship and know that by doing so it’s also healing the relationship with the part of her in myself 🙂

It was beautiful to be back up at the farm and good to see the waters flowing again. Maybe it’s just Tux’s natural forlorn facial expression, or maybe he is concerned about the 30 million pine trees that are dying across the Sierras due to drought and warm winters. Giant swaths of brown forest blanket what should be a lush, verdant spring landscape. Like any good permaculturist, Hansel, my farm dad, said “We’re now seeing the effects of climate change in our back yard. It’s a blow, but like always we’ll just have to learn to adapt.” More about the situation and causes here:…/bark-beetles-California-dead-trees-fire…

There’s so many challenges that we face as individuals, as a species and as a planet that it can quickly become quite daunting. Regardless of whether the the challenge lies inside or outside of ourselves it helps to acknowledge the problem but move swiftly onto solutions. Progress might seem slow at times but it can quickly add up. Humans can be incredibly resilient and resourceful when they want (or need) to be.

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