Escrow is Closed! And So The Adventure Begins!

Well I’m officially the proud owner of Valley View, a small off the grid cabin in an aspiring little hamlet called Trillium. Twelve intrepid collaborators, each bringing a unique skill and united by a shared vision, experienced our first community gathering on the land in late January …and we finally closed escrow on Wednesday after a nine month birthing process! Over the months we developed a lengthy legal contract, covering everything from how decisions get made to outlining exit strategies for all types of situations. As the year goes along we will make all of these documents open source in order to share them with other groups who might find them useful. Also, in the final agreement we created an easement for the former stewards of the land, a beautiful and talented couple in their sixties named Chant and Susanna, so they could keep access to a shaded half acre near the river for when they’re “in town” from their adventures of retirement. By doing so they also take on the honorable position of our village elders, for which we’re truly grateful. Their four decades on the land has given them a deep understanding of the cycles of nature, a voluminous knowledge of the intricacy of running Trillium and a strong reputation and connection within the local community. To be able to continue to water the seeds of love they sowed on this land and to have them remain as part of this wonderful journey is a true blessing for all involved 💓

And so it begins. There’s only five of us here right now but as the temperature warms and the drier conditions set in, other residents will begin to move in. This spring, building and repairs will get underway as we prepare for some of our first retreats in the early summer. I am finding it so exciting to be living in a completely immersive experiment, even if I might be a little unsure of how everything is going to unfold ..but therein lies the excitement of the experiment!

Over these quiet weeks of winter, much of which had been spent in solitude with nothing but the sounds of the river and my own thoughts to keep me company, I’ve observed some interesting things about my character. I’m also undergoing some empowering lessons in detachment and release as my ego struggles amid the death of its old form. What a fascinating opportunity to practice how to make friends in a new place and express my unique value. What’s slowly emerging from this state of metamorphosis is yet to be seen. I don’t know what my next human chapter looks like but I already feel that it is a stronger, more authentic and resilient vessel for creativity to flow through. As the power of nature washes over me I find that I am trusting myself and my decisions more deeply. My energetic and emotional cylces are stabilizing without the need for external dependencies or distractions. I am rebuilding a new existence based in integrity and standing in service to love itself. Gratitude and patience are my foundation and benevolent mischief is my fuel. As my capabilities grow more powerful I am able to represent the full expression of what it means to be human. And I work towards this reality with divine grace and effortless ease… AND SO IT IS!

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