Ikigai & the Continued Spiraling

I was reminiscing on some old MindshareLA events that I produced when I stumbled upon the Connector’s Soirée Ikigai event from a year and a half ago. At the time I was a struggling author — such a boring cliché — and wasn’t sure where I was going professionally. I was living in the woods and my finances were were a total mess BUT as ever I was committed to a continued exploration of my personal ikigai. So I put the Ikigai event together and it obviously hit a nerve, selling out for two consecutive nights in Los Angeles. I’m happy to say that a year and a half later I’ve never felt closer to my ikigai, spiraling around the center where the four circles intersect: what I’m good at, what the world needs, what I love doing, AND what I can get paid for!

My 2020 launch back into my former career of branding, digital marketing and design — thank you COVID! — has been so fun, fulfilling, profitable AND most importantly the feedback I get from all my clients has been hugely validating. I relaunched Projectfesh.com as a consultancy, and my new digital agency Rogue Media already has over 20 five-star reviews on its Google My Business page.

I am currently working with a handful of clients who are constantly telling me how much I’m transforming their lives. It’s not just in businesses either, we even take some time upfront to explore their mind, body and spirit realms too. Well rounded health is deeply connected to our personal power and our ability to visualize our dreams and weave our will into the world around us.

Building on that strong foundation, I believe technology is here to serve us, not the other way around, and and with that in mind I primarily help clients explore their branding, digital assets (including making HOT websites!) and online marketing for their businesses. Recently I have expanded to consult on digital security, task management and overall data hygiene; I even helped once recent client buy into the world of crypto and another invest in my new favorite, long-term wealth producing technology, a new robo-advisor platform called Wealthfront!

It’s a bizarre and exciting time, and if you need help navigating it, or think that we could work together, feel free to get in touch. In the meantime, here’s to our continued dance with ikigai!

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