Winning! Really… I Won an Award

So much synchronous awesomeness about this it’s hard to even deal!! Late last night I was scrolling through lists of awesome web design sites looking for inspiration and BAM, a recent design of mine was highlighted as one of February’s Elementor showcase winners …and I didn’t even know it had been submitted! Mad props to Teddy Saunders for collaborating on his photography website and winning (our first) design award together. That’s right, I’m now an award winning designer!

*I read the review out loud to my roommates like it was a movie review:* “This simple, yet vibrant one-page website exemplifies how to use a subtle, mellow tone to tell a dynamic story. Another monochromatic color scheme, the orange paired with black, white, and the shades in between — balances an atmosphere of emphasized, intricate details within each portrait sample. The entrance animations used for the headings (each one corresponding to the header menu items) adds a layer of excitement to the simple, grey words. The encompassing design effect used for Ted’s site lines up symmetrically with the nature of his profession: taking a single photograph of one person and maximizing its visual impact. “

Check the site out at

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