Lucidity: The Crossroads of Eudaimonia

I’ve attended the past five Lucidity Festivals as an attendee and it’s seen me at my highs …and at my lows. Sheesh, let’s not even mention 2015! Earlier this year I returned from Asia and Lucidity was the first event I attended during which I met a few of the cofounders and I loosely mentioned how I’d like to support the project in some way. Within a short few weeks and through a string of unexpected circumstances, I met more of the core team and we began to interweave our dreams of community and collaboration. With each interaction I am won over by this crew’s kindness, authenticity and open-hearted spirit.

So as the final chapter of Lucidity’s six year story concludes with Eudaimonia (roughly translated to “human flourishing”), I’m excited to be helping with both Lucid University at Lucidity in the spring of 2017 and full time into the foreseeable future as a resident partner of Trillium, helping steward our beautiful and inspiring land project in southern Oregon. I am both humbled and excited to bear witness to such a deep wave of energy and intention, gathering speed as it sweeps across space and time. As we rise to meet the challenges at hand I have confidence that in many years from now, this time will indeed be remembered as a time of great human flourishing

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