ProjectFresh is Dead. Long Live ProjectFresh!

Four years ago I moved to the woods of southern Oregon. I changed my name to Dougie Lux, lived in an intentional community, learned how to restore an old, off-the-grid cabin, experienced how to live without the bells and whistles of modern life, and most importantly — besides learning what poison oak looks like in any season — I learned how to live with myself. When I finally stopped the leaks and plugged the mouse holes, I sat down in an old weathered armchair and wrote a book about the whole ridiculous experience.

And then, almost four years later to the day, a moment came when I realized that I’d so successfully simplified my life, so minimized regular human interaction, so greatly reduced my impact on the earth and reliance on external systems, that it no longer felt like a necessary or creative endeavor. I’d gotten what I came for and now I missed people. And flushing toilets and light switches too. And just like that the experiment was over. It was time for me to return from the woods, to re-engage with the world, to once again redesign my human experience, incorporating the best of the old, and the best of the new, into the latest iteration of a fresh new self.

To celebrate this realization, and to firmly thrust the flag of my new direction into the earth, I spent the last few late nights updating, my first and oldest website and portfolio of my life’s projects, to better reflect my current direction. Over the last twenty years I came from design school on the east coast, through a decade of event production in Los Angeles, into the woods of Oregon and out again four years later, and am now bursting forth into a whole new adventure as Chief Yeti at Rogue Media, a digital agency and business endeavor which I probably should have started a long, long time ago. But there’s a certain magic a person can experience when they hit their 40s, when they slow down and learn to pay attention to their joy, and realize in a moment of stark clarity what is no longer serving them. And so the next chapter begins.

ProjectFresh is dead. Long live ProjectFresh!

With love,

Douglas Campbell
Brand Consultant & Experience Designer

Douglas Campbell to Dougie Lux and back again… new and improved!

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