Design Your Own Booster Chart!

For the last couple of years I’ve been experimenting with a personal goal setting system. At first I started with a hand written grid, and then last year I created a simple spreadsheet to help me keep track. The goal is to get +85% success in a month, which breaks down to 1 cheat day per week, for any particular goal. It’s been helpful for me to get back on the wagon, when things get a little sloppy (ahem, COVID). The black image is this month’s goals. I’ve also included what it looks like as I fill it in… and one of my old school, handwritten ones!

If you’d like to try it, just make your own handwritten grid, and if you want to try the spreadsheet version, you can follow the instructions below 🙂


  1. Open this Google Spreadsheet.
  2. On MOBILE:
    1. Click the little dots in the top right
    2. then Share & Export
    3. and then “Make a copy” and give it a name.
  3. Or on DESKTOP:
    1. Click “File > Make a copy” and give it a name.
  4. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
  5. Be your best self!

NOTE: You can also just download this Excel file if you prefer. Just open it up and follow the instructions 🙂

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