Sunset Dualism on the Brooklyn Waterfront

I arrived in NYC late last night, welcomed by my wonderfully eccentric friend David Friedlander, founder of the LucidNYC monthly salons.

Today we went for a sunset walk up to Dumbo, via the scenic waterfront of Brooklyn Heights. As always, our conversation turned to consciousness and techniques for achieving contentedness within – and furthermore what is needed to propagate well being throughout the world.

I can’t help but see humans as fallible bags of meat. Sad but true. Well meaning as they often may be, we just keep making a mess of things. Wars, religious turmoil, environmental destruction – All around are the symptoms of our cancerous existence wrought on ourselves, each other and the planet at large. But I like to think we’re trying to get better 😉

How do we get better? Lead by example? Sure! Spread the good word? Sure! But even if successful, how can we ensure we don’t just keep repeating the same destructive loops as history has shown? I like to think we have more knowledge and abilities at our fingertips than ever, but is it possible to really make significant change – and stick to it? And what is technologies role in helping us live a more happy, present life? Perhaps we, aware of the limits of our own perception, have been creating this extra sense for ourselves to mitigate our own fallibility?

David does not agree: past, present and future – all we’ve ever had is this present moment. This is all there is and as soon as you think it should be different you’re propagating the problem. You’re being dualistic and dualism is always problematic.

“You sound like Kurzweil, and like him, your frustration with the world is the frustration with yourself.”

I understand his theory, that we need to find the solution within, and try to share our experiences with others, as a means to perhaps lead them towards their own defining experiences.

But I refute the assumption that technology has no part to play. Better communication and facilitating the spread of ideas more than ever before are just a few of the benefits. The word itself, while just a representation of the real meaning – is a tool we created to more effectively spreading ideas.

Sure technology might not he all the answers, but it’s a great tool we have in our arsenal, not to be denied.

“Where do you write all your ideas and experiences down, David?” I asked as we parted ways.

On my blog.” he replies 😉

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