The Equinox. Inspired by the Divine Muse

The equal balance of light and dark offers a soulful time to reflect on our own inner cosmology. What is holding us back from shining our brightest, from sharing our true gifts with the world? Where has our pure light become tainted by conceit, greed or arrogance? How are we forgetting the light available within every present moment, instead holding back our shine for a distant future moment? To do this is to harden the edges of our hearts, serving only to push us further from the rediscovery of our true nature. Instead let us chose to soften the beating instrument of our soul at every chance we get, as we collectively remember that each moment contains the opportunity to love more deeply, trust more implicitly and share our vulnerability and innocence with the world. Some may find this easier with strangers, others may find it easiest with those closest, but perhaps most importantly and often forgotten is for us to shine on those who challenge us, who reflect the hidden parts of us, lurking in our shadows as subtle masters of our sweet, shackled beings. Even if your toughest challenger is the most elusive one, yourself. Shine on them all until the shadows have nowhere left to hide.

And what of these shadows? What parts of ourselves do we keep locked away, content to swallow the key in the hope that we’ll finally be free? Yet we watch, locked in a rote charade of surprise when instead of vanishing, there they linger, festering below the surface until they thrust outward into our actions and our relationships. Instead, let us hold our keys high for all to see and plunge them downwards, into our aching hearts. Perhaps then we may finally make peace with the entirety of our beings, allowing our shadows to rise up to the surface, spilling out into the open where they can be truly felt and allowed to fade away, leaving nothing less than a brighter, less encumbered being.

As we remember how to shine in our full glory, let us look to nature for a loving reminder. As the days continue to brighten, and as the buds of spring begin to peak out, trusting their well-being to the warm promise of the sun, let us make a commitment to do the same. Our own inner state of divine radiance is available at every moment. There is nothing to fear, dear flower. After all, the shadow is nothing more than the temporary absence of an always circling, ever emergent light.

Happy springtime, everyone!

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