The Requiem for the American Dream… And What Comes Next?


I’m not an envious person… but Noam Chomsky, one of the greatest intellectuals of our time, gives me straight up brain envy. My thought process often feels like a firehose of impulse-fueled fiction by comparison when I listen to this brilliant man recount facts, clearly outline situations and explain otherwise complex systems with lucidity and objectivity.

I recently watched “Requiem for the American Dream“, a beautifully made film which provides a good overview for many of Chomsky’s insights and explores the compounding impact of such things as as income inequality as well as how to establish independence from of the forces that seek to control us.

I understand that media like this is powerful and isn’t always our first choice when it’s been a busy day and we have so many shiny things to distract us. But it’s important to challenge ourselves from time to time to get a well balanced mental diet 🙂 Sometimes the fabric of our collective illusion get disturbed just enough so that we get a chance to peek behind the curtain. It can be frightening but once revealed it’s impossible to return to ignorance. And then it can be really hard to know what you can even do about it!

When I am feeling overwhelmed or disheartened I ask myself some simple questions to help guide me:

1: HOW’S MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MYSELF? How can I gain increasing sovereignty over my mind and body?

2: HOW’S MY RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS? Am I communicating clearly and collaborating with mindful people and organizations that respect themselves while being in service to a greater cause?

3: HOW’S MY RELATIONSHIP WITH THE WORLD? How can I better step up to external challenges and become part of their solution? How can I become increasingly effective at raising our collective consciousness through the quality of my thoughts, words and deeds?

…and then if I start getting overwhelmed, I start again at #1!

Of course I stumble on the path but I am learning to appreciate the entirety of the wild journey. Obstacles can be lessons in disguise and some of the most callous characters can become our greatest teachers. As we shine light into our personal and collective shadows it’s inevitable that they begin to dissipate. Together we dissolve the duality that divides us. Together we heal our intergenerational wounds. Together we rise <3

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