This is Your Brain on Love

Sure, it’s magic. But it’s also an impressive symphony of brain chemicals! This funny and insightful overview of what love does to you brings me back to the great Mindshare L.A.​ talk by Sena P Koleva​ at our Valentine’s Day event a few years ago!

Personally I’m a little bit of a romantic, and since it’s Valentine’s Day I couldn’t help but think about how my understanding of love has expanded over the years. I replayed the various forms of love that I’ve experienced and the relationships that have shaped me. Needless to say, this made me laugh out loud. And cry a little bit too 🙂 I even have had the honor to officiate four weddings and each time it deepened my understanding of what real love really means.

This is my first Valentine’s Day as a single dude for a while I decided to spread some love by sending a few love notes to friends and family around the globe. I’m also taking time to remember what it means to love myself. Achieving something seemingly so simple has actually been my the biggest challenge of my life. But the gaps in between remembering are getting shorter and I’m beginning to experience unconditional self love for longer amounts of time. It’s a lofty goal, but a worthy one for I know only when I love myself unconditionally, will I fully realize my inner power and be able to love outwardly with equal vigor. Perhaps it’s just as simple as making the choice to commit to love. And making that choice everyday. Am I ready to do that? Are you? I’ll decide tomorrow, for now I’m taking myself for some tea and a massage <3 HAPPY VALENTINES <3

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