A Trippy Little Village Called Pai

I’m in a trippy little village called Pai in the north of Thailand and I’m about to go deep. Pai kind of feels like a fantasyland. There’s restaurants for all types of diets, lots of small bars with live music, cafes serving refreshing shakes and juices and places to stay that often have fun features like art galleries or scenic sunset views. There’s even a circus school perched on the hill overlooking the town below. Like most Thai towns the street food is cheap and delicious and 1hr long Thai massages are at a record low for the trip at 150baht ($4.50! Wtf! I get one pretty much every day now. The village has a fun, creative flair and many of the walls are dotted with humorous or thought provoking murals, signage and caricatures. It’s a welcome break from city life with cleaner air and a good amount of open space, especially just outside of the main town center when it opens up into hills and paddies.

Pai will be my home for the next couple of weeks as I embark on my next mission, a mind/body/spirit aligning detox regimen of special juices, herbal teas and colonics. Besides colonics, daily activities will include seated and walking meditation, yoga and alignment therapy and lots of reading and writing time. To keep my mind engaged I’ve been learning about socially responsible investment, communal property strategies and scheming an intriguing new project concept for when I get back to LA. I am looking forward to some time to focus on all this whole surrounded by such a quirky and peaceful setting… to be continued!

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