Detox Day 5 and Big Ideas for Co-Owned Community Property


Day 5 in the mountains of Thailand at DetoxPai and my mind feels super sharp 🙂 I’m currently researching the topic of community owned property. Do you like that topic? Me too! And I feel like the topic has coming up a lot recently on all sorts of scales in all sorts of contexts and conversations …and that is super exciting. I’ve been exploring possible scenarios and researching how the legal and financial aspect could work. There’s a few different models to consider and of course the ongoing management is also an interesting topic too:) It could be useful for all sorts of communities who want to co-own their property, from small coliving environments to larger colive/cowork spaces or even a giant village-sized projects.

Wait, did you say village-sized projects? Why not!? CAN YOU IMAGINE if some of the festivals we went to began buying their own land and building on it. While most people still might just visit for the occasional party, others could actually live on site permanently, participating in an active, year round cultural showcase? Imagine if the effort and money that went into putting these festivals on each year went into creating vibrant communities and constantly improving them with funding from membership, year round workshops and large public events?! Surely some festivals are thinking like this. It seems like the logical next step in fostering real cultural transformation.

Am I being too idyllic? Why do I feel that this is all so important anyway? Well besides just feeling intuitively that it’s where community is headed I’ve been learning a lot of things about the state of the US economy and I think we’re in for a rough road ahead. With so many possible opportunities for crises across the planet, the thing that keeps me positive is the possibility of highly localized, resourceful and resilient communities that support themselves through the transition. And besides that, as we all know being part of a community improves the quality of our lives and makes us better people 🙂

…And as for coffee enemas. I think I still prefer Lattes!

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